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Pi Convention update
The original design of the Convention was a one-day online convention. Considering the spread of our community members across all time zones of the world, and to avoid information overload, we will run the one-day convention content during about two weeks (Oct 15-30), for example two sessions per week instead of multiple sessions within one day. This way makes sure that each session will get enough exposure to all Pioneers in different time zones, and Pioneers will have time to process and discuss the content of a session.
Due to the size of our community, which is currently over 8 Million engaged Pioneers, we have to use innovative ways to hold this online convention. Unlike a traditional in-person convention with limited audience where the delivery of speakers and receipt by the audience occur concurrently, the online convention with such a large audience includes two parts in sequence to ensure its quality, clarity and representativeness of different regions: 1) video participation and 2) broadcasting for wider participation.
Video participation
Even though the broadcasting event of the convention will start on October 15th, the video and speakers’ participation have started and been on-going right now. As many of you may have seen the prompts on the home screen of the app or our official social media channels, the Core Team has been soliciting video participation by community members who are willing to express their opinions in a video format or developers who can demonstrate their apps built on Pi. Right now, more speakers are submitting their video responses, and the Core Team is processing them and making sure they will be in a presentable state for the broadcasting days. Selected videos along with Core Team videos will be compiled to form the full-length sessions.
Broadcasting with wider participation
The agenda of the convention will include 5 sessions as follows. All sessions will be presented as pre-recorded videos broadcasted on the home screen of the Pi app during October 15-30 with on average 2 sessions per week.
Pi Speaker Session: Pi Node update and future plans
Pi Panel: Community and Governance
Pi Speaker Session: Pi Apps platform and third party developer demos
Pi Panel: The future of Pi Mining
Pi Panel: Industry
The video participation has to precede the broadcasting date of the convention for larger participation in the format of forums in Topics, where Pioneers can add their opinions about the topic in text.
There are two types of sessions: Pi Panels and Speaker sessions.
Pi Panels
For community-concerned questions, such as discussions about Pi mining, the selection of the provisional committee and integration with industries, we pose these questions at this convention in the format of Panels, like a discussion. Each panel will start with a Core Team’s introduction of the topic, followed by different community members’ video responses expressing their individual views on these questions. For vocal Pioneers, we have been soliciting such short video submissions from them through online application, Chat Moderator recommendation, and email reach-outs; and selected well thought-out, articulated and clear videos will be featured as part of the full-length Panel discussion. The Core Team is reviewing thousands of video responses. Even if your video is not showcased in the broadcast, please know that we are listening to your ideas. For the Pioneers who did not apply to express their thoughts through a video format, they can participate in the Panel through the forum in the Topic on the homescreen of the broadcasting day, where the Core Team and other community members can also view, upvote or downvote.
Pi Speaker sessions
For sessions that require deeper explanations, they will be presented with longer speaker talks, such as the Node update. For the platform session, the Core Team will talk about the plans for the platform and the type of apps we look for, and then selected third-party developer representatives will present their demo apps, prototypes or ideas that can potentially be deployed on the Pi Platform. The presentation of such apps in the convention does not necessarily mean these apps will be eventually deployed on the platform but are showcases of what apps our community came up with for Pi platform, and the purpose is to spur more innovative ideas and discussions.
Pi Convention更新
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