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Convention Agenda Topics & Round 2 Applications

Based on the over 17,000 submissions to our round 1 convention speaker application, we drafted the initial Convention Sections and Topics. Preview them below. This is also a request for speakers on specific topics for the convention, i.e. Round 2 Speaker Application.

Qualified speaker applicants from Round 1 will be invited to fill in the form in a followup email this or early next week that requires video submissions. Video submissions will be a short demo showcasing the speakers’ style of presentation and main talking points. Video submissions will receive greater consideration to present at the convention.

Here are the initial proposed agenda sections and topics. Certain topics may be added, revised or removed in the final convention agenda. As a reminder from the previous convention announcement, Pi’s first convention will be an online one-day event.

Convention Agenda Sections:Each section in the agenda will eventually contain multiple topics that include the ones we're seeking speakers from within our community listed in Convention Topics below and other topics that the Core team or extermal speakers will present.

  • Decentralization and Node
  • Utility, Platform and Applications
  • Mining and Mobile application
  • Ecosystem Development
  • Community and Governance

Convention Topics on which we look for Speakers: For the upcoming Pi Convention, we are looking for qualified speakers to host a talk on these proposed topics. The deadline to submit the Round 2 speaker application is August 31st, 2020.

  1. Consensus Algorithms - The speaker can highlight different consensus algorithms such as Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Byzantine Fault tolerance, Federated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Proof of Authority and more. Talks about how to improve or build on federated Byzantine agreement will be especially welcome. Discuss the pros & cons of the various Consensus algorithms.
  2. Usability and Extendibility for Pi Nodes - Shape the future of Nodes. Help present new ideas and concepts to improve and extend the usability & experience of Pi Node software.
  3. Third-Party Applications - We are looking for developers to come share their app and demonstrate how it can be utilized by Pioneers. (Candidates from Round 1 need to submit a video demo). How do we build our developer community?
  4. Discussion: Pros and Cons of Stopping Mobile Mining at 10M, 100M or 1B Network Size - Should we continue or stop mobile mining when the network reaches 10M, 100M, 1B? We will feature representative speakers from the community on both sides of this question.
  5. The Future of Pi Mobile App - What can the Pi mobile application evolve into beyond mining? What internal applications/features do you hope the Core Team will build that can contribute to the utility of Pi?
  6. Proof of Humanness - Propose solutions to prove Pioneers are real human beings, including solutions of KYC.
  7. Community and Governance - What should be the duties of the community committee? What are the selection criteria and selection process for the committee members? Give proposals of how to organize regional local communities.
  8. Industry - How should Pi collaborate with other blockchain projects and traditional businesses? How can Pi better integrate into the existing world of fiat currencies?
  9. Other Talks - Do you have other talks about the Future of Pi? Decentralization? Blockchain? Applications of Pi? etc.? We still have open topics to submit your proposal for talks.

Apply HERE to speak at the first Pi Convention! The deadline to submit the Round 2 speaker application is August 31st, 2020.



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