快讯:Pi Apps程序平台原型出世

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快讯:Pi Apps应用程序平台原型出世

Our previous video series explained that the project has two goals in Pi Phase Two: 1) Building value and 2) Decentralizing the network. Building Pi’s application platform is a major strategy to achieve the first goal: building value. We aim to deliver the beta version of the apps platform by the end of the Q2 2020. Now, we are giving an update on how we plan to achieve that during the Q2.

We are adopting an iterative user-centric design methodology, which involves prototyping, testing, feedback collecting and improving of the platform. During Q2 2020, the Core Team will prototype and test the Pi Apps platform and initial Pi applications (Pi Apps). This means that the interfaces, functionalities and accessibility of the platform and initial apps will change over the course of this prototyping and testing period before being finalized. We will have time-limited releases of such prototypes for the community to test use and give feedback, and the prototypes and the initial apps may be taken down after testing for revision and get released again.

To support third-party apps, the Core Team will need to build the infrastructure that allows third-party integration into the Pi Network mobile application as well as Pi transfers integration into their apps. To transfer Pi to the third-party applications, Pioneers will need to pass KYC, but every Pioneer can use the functionalities of these apps that don’t involve sending Pi; for example, utility functionalities or receiving Pi from those apps do not require KYC. To build a pipeline of Pioneers ready to test the platform and initial Pi Apps, we will also be expanding KYC in the next few weeks.

As part of the prototyping and testing, we will release the first prototype of the apps platform to our community very soon, which includes Pi’s first third-party application. Recently, we were approached by a Stanford professor with an application that helps the world better predict where new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) are developing and help discover which symptoms are most indicative of the COVID 19 while preserving individual privacy. As a global pandemic, COVID 19 has affected all corners of the world, and its pandemic nature calls for a global coordinated response, which Pi proudly will be able to assist. Pi transcends borders and Pioneers come from all countries in the world. Given the distribution of our global community, Pi Network is uniquely positioned to contribute to the fight against COVID 19. Given the importance of tackling this disease and the alignment with Pi’s value of bringing people together from all over the world, we’ve decided to choose this as the first third-party app in the initial prototype release of Pi’s Apps Platform.

This first app will allow members of the Pi community and others to contribute information about what, if any, symptoms they are experiencing, while preserving the privacy of the individual. Pi will not share any data about Pioneers with this COVID 19 app, except for their Pi username which is necessary for processing any in-app transfers of Pi and will be only shared with explicit consent by the Pioneer; Any data you submit inside the COVID 19 app will not be shared with Pi. Indeed, this first app is using a novel privacy-preserving technology to make sure even the app itself will not know the concrete symptoms you submit, and it does not collect any personal identifiable data. The specific technology will be introduced and explained by the creators of the app in a video on our home screen very soon when we release the initial prototype of Pi Apps platform. Stay tuned!


       我们之前的系列视频解释了这个项目在 pi 第二阶段有两个目标: 1)建立价值和2)分散网络。 建立 pi 的应用平台是实现第一个目标的主要策略: 创造价值。 我们的目标是在2020年第二季度末发布应用平台的 beta 版本。 现在,我们正在更新我们在第二季度如何实现这一目标的计划。我们正在采用以用户为中心的迭代设计方法,包括原型设计、测试、反馈收集和改进平台。 在2020年第二季度,核心团队将原型化并测试 pi apps 平台和初始 pi 应用程序(pi apps)。 这意味着平台和初始应用程序的界面、功能和可访问性将在最终定稿之前的原型和测试阶段中发生变化。 为了支持第三方应用程序,核心团队需要建立基础设施,允许第三方集成到 pi 网络移动应用程序中,以及 pi 传输集成到他们的应用程序中。 为了将 pi 转移到第三方应用程序,先驱者需要通过 kyc,但是每个先驱者都可以使用这些应用程序的功能,而不需要发送 pi; 例如,实用功能或从这些应用程序接收 pi 不需要 kyc。

       作为原型和测试的一部分,我们将很快向我们的社区发布应用平台的第一个原型,其中包括 pi 的第一个第三方应用程序。 最近,一位斯坦福大学教授与我们联系,提供了一个应用程序,可以帮助世界更好地预测新型冠状病毒(covid 19)的新病例正在哪里发展,并帮助发现哪些症状最能表明 covid 19,同时保护个人隐私。 作为一种全球性的流行病,考维德19号已经影响了世界的每个角落,它的流行性要求全球协调应对,派很自豪能够提供帮助。 圆周率超越了国界,先驱者来自世界各国。 鉴于我们全球社区的分布情况 pi 网络处于独特的位置,可以为对抗 covid 19做出贡献。 考虑到对付这种疾病的重要性,以及圆周率将世界各地的人们聚集在一起的价值观,我们决定选择圆周率应用平台最初原型版本中的第一个第三方应用程序。这个第一个应用程序将允许圆周率团体的成员和其他人提供他们正在经历的任何症状的信息,同时保护个人隐私。 Pi 不会在这个应用程序中分享任何关于先驱者的数据,除非他们的 pi 用户名是处理任何 pi 的内部传输所必需的,并且只有在先驱者明确同意的情况下才会分享; 你在这个应用程序中提交的任何数据都不会与 pi 分享。 事实上,这第一个应用程序使用了一种新颖的隐私保护技术,以确保即使是应用程序本身也不会知道你提交的具体症状,也不会收集任何可识别的个人数据。 当我们发布 pi 应用平台的初始原型时,应用程序的开发者将在我们主屏幕上的视频中介绍和解释具体的技术。 敬请期待!